My Cloud Desktop

SetUp an Ubuntu machine with a DNS name on Cloud with Terraform and some pre-installed tools like vscode,nmap,metasploit

AWS EKS Playground using Terraform

Quickly setup an AWS EKS environment with AWS RDS as backend, AWS ALB and AWS Route53 integration to host a dynamic application

Practical GitOps - Infrastructure Management using Terraform,AWS and Github Actions

Practical GitOps is a book that will help you manage and automate your entire AWS infrastructure using Terraform and Github Actions

AWS Inventory Extraction using CloudQuery

Learn how to extract your multi-account AWS inventory into CSV files using CloudQuery

CKA My 2 Paisa

My experience of completing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA) course

Practical DevOps - Continous Monitoring using Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana Filebeat

Learn how to monitor logs real-time using the F-ELK stack

Practical DevOps - Continous Delivery using Jenkins

Learn how to have a continous delivery process using Jenkins

Practical DevOps - Continous Integration with Git Vault Talisman

Learn Continous integration using git vault and talisman

Practical DevOps - Infrastructure As Code using Vagrant Ansible & Docker

Learn Infrastructure as Code using Vagrant Ansible and Docker

Practical DevOps - The Lab

Practical DevOps is a project where rohit explains how to setup a DevOps environment using a custom Lab with Jenkins,Docker,Vagrant,Ansible, Elasticsearch,Logstash,Kibana,Filebeat