AWS Inventory Extraction using CloudQuery

Learn how to extract your multi-account AWS inventory into CSV files using CloudQuery

CKA My 2 Paisa

My experience of completing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA) course

Practical DevOps - Continous Monitoring using Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana Filebeat

Learn how to monitor logs real-time using the F-ELK stack

Practical DevOps - Continous Delivery using Jenkins

Learn how to have a continous delivery process using Jenkins

Practical DevOps - Continous Integration with Git Vault Talisman

Learn Continous integration using git vault and talisman

Practical DevOps - Infrastructure As Code using Vagrant Ansible & Docker

Learn Infrastructure as Code using Vagrant Ansible and Docker

Practical DevOps - The Lab

Practical DevOps is a project where rohit explains how to setup a DevOps environment using a custom Lab with Jenkins,Docker,Vagrant,Ansible, Elasticsearch,Logstash,Kibana,Filebeat

Create A Personal Blog Using Hugo Academic Netlify

If you are tired of maintaining a blog on popular blogging websites and looking for a simple and easy to use blogging platform then read on !

Turning Your Windows Into A Linux Powerhouse

If you are a developer working on a Windows machine but you love linux and looking at ways to operate through CLI then read on.

Demystifying Agile Scrum

Understand the keywords of Agile and Scrum in perspective of software development