AWS EKS Playground using Terraform

Quickly setup an AWS EKS environment with AWS RDS as backend, AWS ALB and AWS Route53 integration to host a dynamic application

Practical GitOps - Infrastructure Management using Terraform,AWS and Github Actions

Practical GitOps is a book that will help you manage and automate your entire AWS infrastructure using Terraform and Github Actions

Bootstrap Security in Kubernetes Deployments

Learn how to practically boostrap security controls into your kubernetes deployments

Practical DevOps - Continous Monitoring using Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana Filebeat

Learn how to monitor logs real-time using the F-ELK stack

Practical DevOps - Continous Delivery using Jenkins

Learn how to have a continous delivery process using Jenkins

Practical DevOps - Continous Integration with Git Vault Talisman

Learn Continous integration using git vault and talisman

Practical DevOps - Infrastructure As Code using Vagrant Ansible & Docker

Learn Infrastructure as Code using Vagrant Ansible and Docker

Practical DevOps - The Lab

Practical DevOps is a project where rohit explains how to setup a DevOps environment using a custom Lab with Jenkins,Docker,Vagrant,Ansible, Elasticsearch,Logstash,Kibana,Filebeat